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      Striving to Make Customers Successful is Always a Win-Win Strategy


      About the Talk

      At one of my previous companies, my customer success team and I were tasked with increasing product adoption. We worked hard to ensure that our strategy and tactics were aligned with that outcome. At the time, we believed that a greater adoption would allow customers to realize greater value from our product. “Time to first value” was an important metric. Everyone was confident that this would lead to our customers’ success and result in a higher retention. Before long, survey data started pouring in and the results were quite surprising. Our strategy had been wrong all along.

      What You’ll Learn

      • When your strategy focuses on your customers’ success, it produces a win-win partnership.
      • Your feedback is key to ensuring that providers align their plan of attack to your desired outcomes.
      • Your product is only as good as the value customers get from it.

      About the Presenter

      Danielle Fisher, Vice President of Customer Support & Success at DigitalOcean, is an award-winning Customer Success and Support Executive with more than 15 years of global experience from America to Asia, Europe, and Africa. She has a knack for creating transformational strategies centered around customers’ success. She won a number of industry awards, including the 2019 Executive of the Year Award for Excellence in Customer Service and the 2013 CS Executive of the Year Award from the International Business Awards.

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