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      Visuals for the World of Virtualization

      I am admittedly very new to the world of web hosting but am playing the role of SpongeKevin SquarePants in terms of soaking up every bit of knowledge my fellow SingleHoppers throw my way!

      Fortunately the other guys around the pond here have been amazing when it comes to making sense of intergalactic-like world of web hosting with great visuals.  And by great I don’t mean these works of art are heading to the Museum of Modern Art anytime soon, they’re actually just doodles but man do they help!

      Want to see how a server looks without making a trip to a data center, it’s simple:


      Talk about simple, right?  Obviously within this server they’re thousands of moving parts, but for now, this a server in its entirety.

      So if that’s a server, than what’s a virtual server or VM? How can something that’s physical become virtual?

      Let’s start with the picture:


      Software actually tells (or tricks, if you ask me) the server into thinking it’s 3 separate machines, all using Server #1’s resources as their own. Sneaky, right?

      If you’re a web hosting veteran this stuff is second nature, but if you’re a rookie, visuals drive understanding. If  you know of any other great visual (pictures or videos) please share!