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      From 0 to 3 Million+ Deployments: Scaling App Platform on Kubernetes


      About the Talk

      Get a better understanding of how your builds run on DigitalOcean App Platform, and how to scale efficiently when your user base expands.

      App Platform, a new DigitalOcean managed-service offering, was released in October 2020 and has already been deployed over 3 million times. This immense growth didn’t come without its challenges around infrastructure, observability, and release velocity.

      Kamal and Nick share techniques and strategies that have helped DigitalOcean overcome these problem areas and the benefits received from each solution.

      About the Presenters

      Kamal Nasser
      Kamal Nasser is a Senior Software Engineer at DigitalOcean. When not automating and playing with modern software and technologies, you’ll likely find him penning early 17th century calligraphy.

      Nick Tate
      Nicholas Tate is a Tech Lead on the App Platform team at DigitalOcean. He has worked on the DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes team and before that, on multi-cloud Kubernetes at Containership. He loves everything and anything related to cloud native infrastructure and enjoys playing guitar.

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      Introduction to Kubernetes Patterns: Scaling Your App With Repeatable Architecture

      How to Join

      This Tech Talk is free and open to everyone. Register below to get a link to join the live stream or receive the video recording after it airs.

      September 27, 202111 a.m.–12 p.m. ET / 3–4 p.m. GMT

      About the Talk

      Kubernetes Patterns helps you reuse architecture, offering repeatable design patterns/solutions to recurring events. Instead of creating architecture completely from scratch, you can re-use existing Kubernetes components to ensure that things work the way they’re supposed to, every time.

      What You’ll Learn

      • Repeatable design solutions for container-based applications and services
      • When to use which Kubernetes pattern(s): foundational, behavioral, structural, configuration, advanced, etc.
      • How to use Kubernetes components and pieces to build a complete system that meets your business goals

      This Talk is Designed For

      • Software developers, SysAdmins, and CTOs
      • Anyone looking to save time on “Day 2” Kubernetes operations
      • Anyone looking to enable cloud portability using cloud–native technologies


      Basic knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure

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      Scaling Self-Service Revenue With Community Initiatives


      About the Talk

      How can organic, community-first initiatives drive forward revenue goals without losing their authenticity? See how DigitalOcean’s Community initiatives are dedicated to serving developers around the world, and fuel the top of their self-service revenue funnel with “love” at the brand’s core.

      What You’ll Learn

      • How to supercharge organic community initiatives with paid support

      About the Presenter

      Carly Brantz, Chief Marketing Officer at DigitalOcean, brings more than 20 years of experience with a focus on scaling marketing operations and acquisition at high-growth technology companies. Her dedication to building high-performing teams—through fostering a strong culture that’s grounded in trust—has served as the foundation for many of her successes in business.

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