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      Get an SSL for a safer online business

      Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL), is the most widely spread security Protocol today. It is an industry standard, used by many owners of online businesses to protect the private information of their customers. What the SSL does is to create a secure channel between the browser and the server, encrypting the sensitive data which has been exchanged during a transaction. Each action has to go through an encryption test before it gets completed. If something goes wrong during the test (for example due to a malicious attempt), the encrypted information will not be exposed. That way, the SSL ensures that all data transferred remains safe.


      What is an SSL?

      Data privacy and integrity are the primary aspects to consider when running a business online. If you have a look at some of the popular online shops, you will most certainly see the SSL Certificate badge on them. The SSL Certificate badge on your website shows your visitors that their private information is secured and helps to build confidence and trust. It protects your visitors’ credit card numbers, login details and passwords along with other private user information that might be exposed to hackers or scammers. A website that has an SSL is easily identifiable. First, it contains a green “Lock” icon on the left side of the address bar. Second, the URL of the website starts with https, instead of http.

      There is another benefit. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website will be positively influenced from the SSL Certificate. Since 2014, Google is considering website security as one of the criteria for displaying results in its search engine, meaning that all websites, secured with SSL, will be ranked higher.

      The SSL encrypts not only transactional website activates but also page and form submissions. In order to create SSL connection to your website, you first have to obtain an SSL Certificate and install it on your web server.



      What is an SSL?

      There are two options to get an SSL certificate with TMDHosting:

      • How to get an S
      • How to get an S
      • How to get an S

      You can purchase it from your cPanel.
      You can get it for FREE with our Professional web hosting plans.
      In both cases, a representative from our sales team will talk to you and advise you on which SSL Certificate is most suitable for your business. Afterwards, a member of our customer support team will perform the installation process for you.


      What is an SSL?

      1. How to get an S
      2. How to get an S
      3. How to get an S

      There are two different types of easy to manage SSL certificates to fit your needs:

      – Standard SSL – provides website encryption, identification and authentication for one domain. For example: and .

      – Wildcart SSL – helps to enable the SSL encryption on several sub domains, such as,,, etc.

      If you already know which certificate you need, you can just order it through your cPanel. Not sure? Consult with our sales agents.
      If you have already purchased an SSL certificate from a third party and do not have the technical knowledge to install it on your website, you could always ask our support team for help.

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