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      Building the Roadmap to Customer Value: Quarterly Planning Done Right


      About the Talk

      Does your quarterly planning process look like a to-do list rather than a strategy to drive your business forward? Explore tools that help you build customer value and reach product-market fit while including everyone on your team.

      What You’ll Learn

      • Reducing the need for multiple rounds of planning meetings
      • Providing a level playing field for remote and in-office employees
      • Getting varied perspective and ideas
      • Encouraging inclusivity
      • Reducing blind spots
      • Aligning the team
      • Making planning fun. Yes, fun!



      Setting your vision using a vision-based framework

      Good Strategy/Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt

      Miro, a whiteboarding tool

      Project Poster Template and Examples, via Atlassian Team Playbook

      Roles and Responsibilities “Play”, via Atlassian Team Playbook

      Atlassian Team Playbook


      Antonio Rosales (@a_webtone) and John Gannon (@johnmgannon) have worked together on the DigitalOcean Marketplace as an Engineering Manager/Product Manager tandem from inception through its scale-up beyond 150+ open source and commercial apps.

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      Doing This Cloud Thing Right – a Lap Around DigitalOcean Products and a Roadmap Preview


      About the Talk

      Come learn about the breadth and depth of DigitalOcean cloud across IaaS, cloud native, and PaaS. See why we build what we build, with a laser focus on developer experience and simplicity. Plus, get a sneak peek at what’s next on the DigitalOcean product roadmap.

      About the Presenter

      Apurva Joshi (AJ) is Vice President of Products at DigitalOcean, where he drives the overall product strategy and roadmap for the company. He leads the Product Management, Marketplace and Documentation teams with a focus on delivering scalable cloud solutions that empower every developer in the world to build great software.

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