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      About the Talk

      As more people learn how to code, and as more developer platforms enable the creation of software applications, there’s a need for guidance, tools, and services that serve software engineers and technologists, a market segment that is slated to grow to nearly 100 million users by 2025.

      What part will you play? How can you help underserved developers?

      This talk is a call for technologists everywhere to consider creating developer-focused businesses, plus a plug on the advantages to building them on DigitalOcean.


      About the Presenter

      Raman Sharma is the Head of Product and Programs at DigitalOcean. He has focused on developer tools and services throughout his career — from being a C/C++ developer at Adobe and Veritas, to Product Manager for Visual Studio at Microsoft, to Product Marketer for Microsoft Azure — never straying too far from technology.

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