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      What is MVC?

      MVC, or Model-View-Controller, is a software design pattern that separates application logic into three interrelated components- the model, view, and controller.

      The MVC design pattern is typically used to organize code based on its purpose in an application. Code for the model part of an application represents and stores data and associated logic. The view portion of code is used to format and present that data to users. Finally, the controller in an MVC application links the model and view by processing user input and actions in an application.

      Programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and more usually have popular MVC frameworks for application development, each varying in their interpretation of the MVC design pattern.

      To learn more about the MVC design pattern, our tutorial How to Set Up a Ruby on Rails Project with a React Frontend. will guide you through creating an MVC application using the popular Rails framework.

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