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      Multi-Location Load Balancing for DigitalOcean


      Snapt CEO and industry expert Dave Blakey unpacks the current and future state of ADCs and Load Balancers, and how they solve the challenges in delivering and securing multi-location and cloud-native applications in DigitalOcean.

      Topics covered

      • Comparing the difference in load balancing architectures for traditional vs. cloud-native and microservices-based app developments
      • Understanding how multi-location load balancing works with GSLB and intelligent DNS routing
      • How to quickly scale and configuration ADCs using a centrally managed ADC platform
      • Applying AI & ML to better, scale, and secure and make multi-location applications more available
      • Using advanced real-time telemetry to observe and secure critical apps deployed into multiple locations


      Nova ADC from Snapt is a powerful and scalable ADC for modern networks and users.

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