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      Cut the Bikeshedding! Use MVPs to Keep Your Team Aligned and Moving Faster, Without Writing a Line of Code

      This tech talk will be streaming live on Tues, Jun 16, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET.
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      About the Talk

      Case studies of how the DigitalOcean team has used “no-code” MVPs to accelerate delivery timelines and reduce cost. The techniques shared will work for a one-person company just as well as they will work for a 1,000-people company.

      What you’ll learn

      How to use scrappy, “no code” MVPs to learn and hypothesis test, while keeping your team aligned and excited.

      This talk is designed for

      • Product development teams
      • Product managers
      • Startup founders

      About the Presenters

      Antonio Rosales (@a_webtone) and John Gannon (@johnmgannon) have worked together on the DigitalOcean Marketplace as an Engineering Manager/Product Manager tandem from inception through its scaleup beyond 150+ open source and commercial apps.

      How to Join

      This tech talk is free and open to everyone. Join the live event on Thu, Jun 16, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET by registering on GotoWebinar here. Antonio and John will be answering questions at the end.

      If you can’t make the live event, the recording and transcript will be published here as soon as it’s available.

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      Why an increasing number of businesses are moving to cloud hosting?

      Why an increasing number of businesses are moving to cloud hosting?

      Cloud hosting offers numerous possibilities for both small and big companies. Over the past years we have been observing a growing tendency of businesses moving their websites to the Cloud. This tendency is expected to continue in 2016 as well.

      We would like to provide you with some insights about why the Cloud is such a great solution for so many companies and why you should consider it for your own business and your own website.

      – Cost-Efficiency – Many hosting companies offer cloud hosting at an affordable price. The initial investment definitely pays well off in the long run. With cloud hosting you do not need to pay an extra cost for a physical server and facilities. The reduced maintenance and storage cost further lowers the expenses for hosting your website in the Cloud.

      – Easily Scalable Plans– The cloud-based hosting is the perfect choice for growing websites with an increasing need for space. Once you outgrow your current plan, it is really easy to move on to the next level and obtain more resources. This flexibility could be applied in a similar way if you need to scale down.

      – Incredible Speed – Who does not want to have a super fast website? Slow site speed is something really annoying to online shoppers and might even force them to choose another online retailer. Another great asset of cloud hosting is that it will provide your business with an incredibly fast website. After we moved our customers websites to the TMDHosting cloud platform we have built, we observed between 250% and 300% boost in the page load time. In other words, the Cloud will definitely help you to sweep your competition away with a fast-responsive website.

      – Greater Reliability – The core idea of the Cloud is to host your website on a virtual server, which pulls the resources from an extensive network of physical servers. Multiple copies of your files are stored, and if something happens to the physical server that forces it to shut down, the resources will be pulled from the remaining servers. With its ability to handle any kind of network failure, the cloud hosting ensures a 100% uptime for your website!

      Any of these benefits could also apply to you if you take your business to the next level and join the Cloud. Do you have questions? Consult with our sales team for help and advice at any time.

      TMD Cloud Plans

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