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      DigitalOcean Droplets: A Modern-Day Overview


      About the Talk

      DigitalOcean Droplets are easy, fast, and flexible virtual machines. See how they have quietly evolved from low-cost VMs popular with developers’ hobby projects, into a robust compute platform suitable for both business and personal applications. This talk presents an overview of the modern Droplet and all that it can do.

      What You’ll Learn

      • Different DigitalOcean Droplet types for different use cases
      • Sizing, scaling, saving, and securing your Droplet
      • How Droplets can help you save time and money

      This Talk is Designed For

      Anyone with questions about:

      • How to select the right type of Droplet for your use case
      • How to scale your application vertically and horizontally
      • How to save and restore application state with snapshots and backups
      • How to secure your Droplet with SSH keys, firewalls, and private networking


      About the Presenter

      Ryan currently leads product marketing for DigitalOcean’s infrastructure products. He’s worked in the technology industry for more than fifteen years, from product marketing at Google (Cloud, Android) and Mozilla, to software engineering at Oracle.

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