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      Deploying Microservices as Kubernetes DaemonSets and Jobs

      How to Join

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      August 25, 202111 a.m.–12 p.m. ET / 3–4 p.m. GMT

      About the Talk

      Migrating containerized workloads to Kubernetes? See when and how to use Kubernetes
      DaemonSets and Jobs to deploy your application or microservice.

      What You’ll Learn

      • How to distinguish between the different use cases for Kubernetes DaemonSets and Jobs
      • How to create a YAML manifest for a DaemonSet and Job
      • How to create and inspect a Kubernetes DaemonSet and Job

      This Talk Is Designed For

      • Anyone running containerized workloads in a non-Kubernetes environment
      • Anyone looking to gradually migrate to Kubernetes


      • You have containerized an application or microservice
      • You have basic knowledge of containers and Kubernetes


      Kubernetes for Full-Stack Developers: Community Curriculum and eBook
      Kubernetes on DigitalOcean: Docs and Quickstart
      How to Deploy Your Application or Microservice on Kubernetes
      Kubernetes Docs: DaemonSet
      Kubernetes Docs: Jobs

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