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      Tech Terms Through the Ages [Infographic]

      Can you imagine a world where “cyberspace” or “information superhighway” were the preferred terms over “internet”? Believe it or not, both words pre-date the latter by a several years. And fortunately, by the time junk-email became a thing 1986, we already had the ability to “unsubscribe,” which was a term first coined in 1981. It’s interesting to trace the origin of tech terms over the past several decades, and has made it easier than ever.

      Merriam-Webster’s Time Traveler tool, which was first unveiled in 2017, is making the rounds again on social media as users share the most entertaining words that debuted the year they were born. There is also some buzz around social distancing and socially distance, which were first seen in print in 2003 and 1984 respectively.

      Below, we’ve compiled a timeline of tech terms dating back to 1975. Merriam has dated these terms by “First Known Use,” noting that each term is dated by the earliest recorded use in English that their editors were able to discover.

      INAP Tech Words Through the Ages


      Laura Vietmeyer


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      IaaS Explained: Take a Tour Through “Cloud Town” (INFOGRAPHIC)

      Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a fast-growing category of cloud computing that provides IT staff the flexibility to deploy virtual compute and storage resources in a service provider’s data center with application specific configurations. Users can manage the environments themselves or leverage the services of the provider or a third party for additional support and efficiencies.

      Although major public cloud players like AWS and Microsoft Azure tend to dominate the IaaS discussion, such hyperscale platforms are not the only model for success. To help readers navigate the many nuances of the IaaS marketplace, we lovingly built the following interactive infographic: Iaas for Business, Explained.

      Click the image below to begin your tour of “Cloud Town” or read on for some highlights.

      So why the city and building metaphor? Because much like people choosing where to live based on diverse socio-economic, lifestyle and family considerations, workload and application placement in the cloud is predicated on a series of comparable factors – e.g. economics, security, performance requirements, range of managed services, data center location, etc.   

      Cloud Town showcases residents of four distinct neighborhoods: Public Cloud District, Dedicated Private Cloud Gated Community, Virtual Private Cloud Townhomes, and On-Premisville. Here are a few select snapshots.

      Public Cloud  

      Public clouds are virtualized, multi-tenant environments. Hyperscale providers offer global redundancy, pay-as-you consume pricing models, and instant scalability. While easy to spin up and scale, determining how to  manage, secure and optimize resources across cloud and on-premises platforms can be challenging.

      Dedicated Private Cloud

      Dedicated Private Clouds are fully isolated environments custom designed from single-tenant compute nodes. These hosted environments are ideal for applications with predictable performance requirements or  require complex architectures and highly customized configurations.

      Virtual Private Cloud

      Virtual Private Clouds are logically isolated multi-tenant environments that offer consistent performance and easy-to-scale compute resources that are ideal for applications with significant variable resource requirements.

      The drive through Cloud Town builds to an important conclusion:

      So where’s the best place to live in Cloud Town? There’s no right answer. That’s because it’s not the physical home that matters — it all comes down to the diverse needs of residents and families.

      In fact, most denizens of the cloud won’t stay put in one environment . . .

      The concept ‘multicloud’ is quickly becoming an apt descriptor for many modern IT strategies. It’s sort of like accommodating the needs of several generations of a family at once. Unless you’re in a 90s sitcom, not everyone’s going to fit under one roof.

      If you’re exploring Infrastructure as a Service solutions for your applications, you’re in the right place. Whether you need help designing and managing an AWS or Azure deployment or need a hyper-secure, high-powered environment for your critical applications, SingleHop has managed solutions and certified engineers to help you navigate every cloud lifestyle. We hope you enjoy the tour! 

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