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      De-Risk Your IT Strategy with INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee

      Businesses today face extraordinary risk and change while balancing the complexity of enterprise IT and digital innovation. With so much turmoil in the market today, customers need a partner who stands by its service capabilities and helps customers find the right infrastructure solutions for both immediate and future needs.

      High-Performance Guarantee Program

      INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee program helps de-risk IT strategy by allowing customers to switch solutions and move spend as circumstances change. In addition, we are so confident in our ability to deliver services at the highest levels of performance that we’ll allow new customers to terminate their contracts without early termination fees if we can’t meet their expectations.

      INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee is the industry’s first three-layered program developed to ensure agile and flexible IT infrastructure in the face of new market trends, unforeseen events and evolving customer expectations.

      INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee brings together spend portability, expert advisement and an effectiveness guarantee to minimize risk and drive innovation.

      Spend Portability

      INAP customers can switch geographic locations and infrastructure solutions – dollar for dollar – at any time to adapt to changing needs.

      Expert Advisement

      INAP customers can vet their infrastructure strategy with an ecosystem of experts that includes thought leaders from strategic vendors and industry analysts as well as the experienced INAP team.

      High-Performance Guarantee

      INAP customers who sign a contract with an initial term of three years or longer will have the ability to reduce or terminate their services at any time without early termination fees if INAP fails to meet the agreed performance expectations.

      Organizations cannot afford to get locked into inflexible IT infrastructure that is not capable of scaling and adapting to market trends, unforeseen events or evolving customer expectations. INAP’s High-Performance Guarantee is another step in our mission to enable customers to drive world-changing innovation by leveraging trusted hybrid infrastructure solutions, expert advisors and superior support.

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      Kevin Goodman
      • SVP Business Operations, Marketing and Strategy


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