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      Enhancing Your Brand With Video Editing Best Practices


      About the Talk

      You don’t need an enterprise-sized budget and team to do video marketing well. Using the footage you already have, video expert Adam Harder demonstrates editing, messaging, and publishing techniques to help build a brand identity that captures the attention of prospective customers.

      What You’ll Learn

      • How to apply a producer mentality to your video marketing strategy
      • Identifying which of your brand assets can be turned into video content
      • Delivering your video narrative correctly
      • Creating platform-appropriate content
      • Simple production tools that anyone can use




      Adam Harder is the Senior Video Operations Manager at DigitalOcean. Formerly a broadcast journalist for the U.S. Air Force, Adam has 10 years of production experience ranging from on-site news reporting to documentary filmmaking and video marketing. He leads the creative video strategy for the DigitalOcean marketing team and loves a good story.

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