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      The Capital Conundrum: When, How, and Why You Should Raise Money for Your Startup


      About the Talk

      Techstars Chief Investment Strategy Officer Nicole Glaros discusses the ins and outs of fundraising for your startup — who to raise capital from, what to expect, and how to get them to say yes.

      What You’ll Learn

      • The fundraising process: the who, the pitch, and the close
      • How to run a structured outreach process while building relationships
      • VC math: how much does a company need to exit in order to “return the fund”?



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      Nicole Glaros, Chief Investment Strategy Officer, Techstars
      Nicole started her first company while still in college and since that successful exit, has been supporting, mentoring, and funding startups ever since. She’s currently the Chief Investment Strategy Officer at Techstars, helping to grow it from 10 companies to over 2,500 in the portfolio in the last decade. She was also an early investor in Digital Ocean and knows just how painful the startup process can be.

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