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      Reset Your User Password on the Linode Platform

      Creating strong passwords is essential to protecting your Linode and your Linode
      Cloud Manager account. If you suspect that an unauthorized user has gained access to one of your accounts, you should change the password immediately.

      Changing or Resetting Your Linode Cloud Manager Password

      If you want to change your password, or you forgot your password and need a new one, you can accomplish these tasks through the Forgot Password webpage. Here’s how:

      1. Visit the
        Forgot Password webpage.

      2. Enter your username in the Username field.


        If you’ve forgotten your Linode Cloud Manager username, see
        Recovering a Lost Username.
      3. Click the Reset password button.

      4. Check your email for a message containing further instructions.

      5. Follow the instructions in the email message to reset your password.

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