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      INAP Executive Spotlight: Jeff Atkinson, Chief Information Officer

      In the INAP Executive Spotlight series, we interview senior leaders across the organization, hearing candid reflections about their careers, the mentors who shaped them and big lessons learned along the way.

      Next in the series is Jeff Atkinson, Chief Information Officer. Atkinson recently stepped into this role with INAP, taking on the CIO mantle in April of 2019. This post is a departure from our usual format, as Atkinson had the opportunity be interviewed by IDG Connect for their CIO Spotlight series, allowing readers to “discover more about what makes today’s CIOs tick.”

      In the article linked below, Atkinson shares how he discovered his passion for information systems, what he’s learned from his career, challenges and goals he faces in his CIO role and advice for aspiring IT leaders. He also spoke on the IT roles that are most difficult to fill:

      “IT roles are becoming much more dynamic and less specialized. Therefore, the best IT personnel will be diversified and need to have a range of skill sets. It may be less about finding those personnel and more about creating them within the team you already have by providing those opportunities for growth and training.”

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